Well, it’s Sunday night. It’s been 7 days. With only one slight misstep and possibly another. I had meatballs and sauce for dinner one night and the sauce MAY have had sugar or something in it. It’s very hard to tell that when your eating out. So the gum and sauce aside I had a clean week. Wasn’t that bad. I did have a few cravings but nothing extreme. I’ll say this, after a week I don’t feel anything. No more energy or anything. If I had to say I feel anything it’s LESS energy. And a little more grumpy than usual. Where normally if I was running low id pop some Oreos or dive into the Nutella, the mixed nuts spoonfulls of hummus didn’t quite have the same effect. But it has only been a week and things may start to change.


So I had a small slip today. I had a piece of gum at work not even thinking. It was sugar free, but still had artificial sweeteners. Other than that steady as she goes.


And so it begins. As a baseline, today’s waking weight was 271. Let the experiment commence.


Our food is shit. A recent experience with a fast food meal, has really opened my eyes. I hadn’t had a meal from this chain in quite a while. But it was a busy night, so we figured we’d just grab something quick on the way home. About half way thru the meal I stopped. and just kinda looked at the sandwich. it didn’t look good. it sure didn’t taste good and was overall unappealing. Not something you look for when you’re hungry. I only ate about half the meal and stopped. i just couldn’t eat anymore. And it got me thinking about food in general and all the things we as humans now eat. What we eat today, and our main diet, is absolute shit. garbage. I started doing some reading about foods and ingredients. Its amazing how far we’ve come from our ancestors dieterally. And not in a good way. I’m part Native American so i started reading about what my Cherokee ancestors would have eaten. No where did i see Oreos or Pizza.

So this brings me to today. It is Sunday, Apr 6, 2014. I have decided to start an experiment. I want to see just how hard it is to go 30 days on a more natural diet. Now that needs some clarification. I’m not talking organic, or chemical free or non-HMO. There are 3 things i feel are the biggest negatives in our diet. And after speaking to people who know much more about this subject than me, we are all in agreement. The 3 things I will try and completely remove from my diet are:

1. Sugar. refined sugars in all its forms. White sugar, brown, raw, corn syrup, sucrose, fructose and all the other “ose”s. And this also includes natural and artificial sweeteners like splenda and stivia. the ONLY exception i will make will be for honey and possible maple syrup. These to me, are the only natural sweeteners. (don’t bother arguing with me that they are just as bad, I don’t care) This will be a major challenge, simply for the fact that sugar is added to almost EVERYTHING. It’s insane. While doing some simple reading and research, it becomes very clear just how much sugar we intake without even knowing it. 

2. Grains. Any processed grains such as white flour. I do not intend to eliminate all grain, because I think we need some, but not to the extent we eat it. After some discussions I will still eat whole grains such as natural oatmeal and I have been recommended to try Ezekiel bread. But other than those, and maybe 1 or 2 more I may come to discover, wheat is gone. No pasta, bread, cereal, crackers, cookies… the list is endless.

3. Dairy. This one I am mixed on, but I’m curious to see if it is beneficial to eliminate it. As a species, we are the only ones to drink milk after infancy. So, i’m going to try and eliminate it. So no milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, sour cream… You get the idea. The only exception will be Butter. I will still allow for small amounts. 

So in a way, i’m going to try a slightly modified paleo diet, but not full. I’m not eliminating beans or legumes or a few other things that are banned on the paleo diet. The only 3 I am concerned about at the moment are sugar, wheat and dairy. I want to point out, I’m not doing this as a weight loss regime. I’m not starting an excercise program or anything. That’s not my goal here. I just want to see if removing these things from my diet will have any noticeable effects and I’m curious just how hard it will be to eat foods without these ingredients. This is purely a food experiment. If after the 30 days, I find it not so hard, and feel some noticeable difference, perhaps i will continue. Perhaps, i will add more restrictions. Or perhaps i will go back to my old ways. 

But 30 days, starting tomorrow when i wake up. I’ll will use this forum as my vent. To post my feelings and findings, thoughts and ideas. This will not be an easy challenge for me. I am very used to a diet of garbage. Trying to eat better is a decision that I didn’t make lightly. I LOVE my junk food and snacks, so to give them up, even for 30 days, will be an incredible challenge for me. I just hope at the end of the experiment, the results out weigh the effort.